Bitter Lessons We Have Learnt In 2020

There are many lessons that the year – 2020 has taught us, many are very visible while others needs more insight to view it, below are some of the visible lessons of 2020.

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Bitter Lessons We Have Learnt In 2020

Culled from: Otakho Daniel,

1. United States is no longer the world’s leading country.
2. China won the 3rd World War without firing a missile and no one could handle it.
3. Europeans are not as educated as they appear.
4. We can survive vacations without trips to Europe and USA.
5. Rich people are in fact less immune to diseases than the poor.
6. Human beings are opportunistic and despicable no matter their socioeconomic position when prices are rising.
7. Health is wealth
8. Human beings are the real viruses on the planet.
9. We surely can spend Billions of Dollars on the poor without red- tapism.
10. Health professionals are worth more than sports’ persons and entertainers.
11. Oil is worthless in a society without consumption.
12. How animals feel in the zoo.
13. The planet regenerates quickly without humans at play.
14. Majority of people can work from home.
15. We and the kids can survive without junk food.
16. Prisoners in jail for petty crimes can be released.
17. Living a hygienic life is not difficult.
18. Only women should not know how to cook.
19. There are a lot of good people in the World.
20. If you build more schools and make them free, you will have to construct less hospitals and probably prisons.
21.Media is just manipulative and opportunistic.
22. Fame, wealth and position are vanity.


Wealth no longer counts.

40 body guards are useless

You are confined to just one room in your mansion.

The 20,000 capacities Church buildings have run empty.

Same to the 5,000 capacities of mosque buildings have run empty.

You’re now afraid of even your convoy.

No where to lavish your money.

No parties to attend.
All of a sudden, the only thing that matters is just to breathe.

This is nature and reality checking on us all, one more time.

This is God reminding us that the most precious gift in life is the AIR we BREATHE.

Could this be a time for sober reflection?

Life is telling the whole World that the Supreme BEING still watches, and has the universe in HIS Hands.

He is still in control of the whole universe.


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