Batch C: N-Power Reduces Duration For Its Programmes

By Eyo Nse,

Following the official launch of the N-Power portal for Batch C applicants on June 26, about 1,500,000 Nigerians have registered on the platform, Brainnews authoritatively report.

400,000 applicants would be absorbed into the programme during the 2020 registration, this was made known by the federal government.

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In the previous Batches, which were Batch A and B, applicants served for 3 to 4 years which saw 500,000 applicants absorbed into the programme.

A careful study of Batch C programmes by a Brainnews reporter shows that N-Power would absorb applicants into 6 (six) different programes. Namely; N-Agro, N-Teach, N-Health, N-Tech, N-Build, and N-Creative. Out of the six programmes, two are design for graduates, while the remaining four are for either graduate or non-graduate.

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Below is the breakdown of the duration of each programme:

1. N-Agro: Would last for just 6 months.

2. N-Teach: Duration: 12 months.

3. N-Health: 12 months.

4. N-Tech, N-Build, and N-Creative: 6 months each.

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For more information on this, you can call the N-Power hot lines on 09060000445, 09060000446 or you can comment below.

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N-Power Reduces Duration For Its Programmes

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