Are These The Longest Videos On Xvideos?

Xvideos ( is the leading porn websites on the internet today. The website houses millions of users, it as well generates billions of traffic monthly.

Are These The Longest Videos On Xvideos

In recent research, Porn blogs has been rated as the most visited websites on the cloud after social media.

Below are some of the most viewed, longest videos on Xvideos:

1. Hiếp dâm trên xe bus (2 hours, 120 mins, 34,300,520 views).

2. Đụ mẹ của bạn cùng lớp (2 hours, 128 mins, 5,243,674 views).


3. Corninho de sorte um dia chego lá (122 mins, 10,667,931 views, 2 hours; 2 mins).

4. Japanese Wife-bbc (3.3M Views, 2 hours; 5 min, 125 mins,)

5. Fuck my friend’s wife (42,026,886 views, 121 mins, 42M Views, 2 hours; 1 min).

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