Apostle Suleman Breaks Silence On Stephanie Otobo’s Latest Allegations

Apostle Suleman Breaks Silence On Stephanie Otobo’s Latest Allegations
Apostle Suleman

According to reports, Apostle Suleman has broken silence on Stephanie Otobo’s latest allegations.

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General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries Apostle Johnson Suleman has reacted to the latest threat by Canada-based singer Stephanie Otobo to release videos of their alleged intimate affairs.

Otobo renewed the battle against the preacher who she alleged had a sizzling romance with her for years.

She released nude pictures of their alleged intimate moments, threatening to provide videos to substantiate the claims.

Otobo and Suleman were first in the news in 2017 when the singer sued the preacher for assault and sexual harassment.

One of the screenshots she shared on her Twitter handle showed a man holding his manhood.

Otobo claimed that the person was Suleman.

Another screenshot showed Otobo exposing her breasts while on an alleged video call with Suleman.

Otobo said: “If these screenshots were fake, how did I get his pics that aren’t public in the first place and how come I’m the first to release this kind of pics of him? He has changed his hairstyle twice since I came out to speak up with receipts. He has done a lot to appear different.

“If the d*ck pic isn’t his, what is he gonna say about the scar on his left thigh? His wife can’t deny that scar. How did I know he has a scar on his left thigh if we didn’t have intimacy? Lol. If he’s denying it, he should open up his thigh let’s see. His nails too say it all.”

She alleged that the cleric tried to stop her from progressing, and almost ended her life.

But taking to his twitter handle @APOSTLESULEMAN on Tuesday morning, Suleman said the fresh allegations were orchestrated because he spoke against the prolonged ASUU strike on Sunday.

He advised the ‘perpetrators’ use other strategies to get to him.

The cleric said: ” I tweeted ‘End ASUU strike’ yesterday Sunday and today Monday (yesterday) I am trending on twitter

Una well done. You guys should have done this at least a week later to avoid traces. END ASUU STRIKE!’”

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