APK Download: WhatsApp Aero v8.40 (Unlimited Features)

The latest version of WhatsApp Aero has now been released, and its the v8.40 version which comes with unlimited features.

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WhatsApp Aero APK Download v8.40

To improve the experience of WhatsApp users day by day, several modes of WhatsApp have been developed. Which users are using WhatsAppAero mode according to their own.

WhatsApp Aero APK Download v8.40 (Unlimited Features)

If you also want to improve your WhatsApp experience, then keep this article till the end because in this article today we are going to tell you about Whatsapp Aero, which is the new mode of WhatsApp, its best feature is WhatsApp APK users on your side. Attract if you also want to improve your WhatsApp experience, then download this application in your Android phone. And this article had to end.

What is Whatsapp Aero APK

WhatsApp Arrow is a chat application just like Social Media’s official WhatsApp. Which is a new mode of WhatsApp. Developed by Bozkurt Hezar of Turkey. This application has been developed based on a great theme. But the features added in this application are based on pod mods only.

WhatsApp Aero APK Download v8.40 (Unlimited Features)

Which focuses the user towards themselves. If you also want to use WhatsApp of good themes, then definitely download this application in your phone. The information to download this application is given below, which you can download to your phone by following it.

Features of WhatsAppAero App

Share 2 GB videos hide three dots while online, you can keep yourself in offline mode. Hide typing status
It has a much better emoji than the previous WhatsApp, by sending it, you can share your filming with others.

WhatsApp Aero APK Download v8.40 (Unlimited Features)

With this app you can send messages to 500 people simultaneously, while official Whatsapp can send messages to only 5 people.

In this you can change the WhatsApp default green color theme. And you can easily change the theme with a custom theme by downloading it from anywhere.

Can hide recording status.

WhatsApp Aero APK Download (Latest Version)

Hope you have understood the above information about whatsapp Aero. Please download the information below to download it.

1. To download this application, first click on the link given below.

2. From where you can easily click and download it.

3. For information, told that before installing this application, go to your phone’s settings Disable the source.

WhatsApp Aero APK Download v8.40 (Unlimited Features)

4. Now open your downloaded application here and install it.

5. After installing it.

6. You can easily use it by logging it in with your number.

WhatsApp Aero APK Download v8.40 (Unlimited Features)

App info
Version 8.40
File size 57 MB
Last updated May 12, 2020


If you want to back up your old WhatsApp, you can backup your chat by going to the settings in your WhatsApp and then going to “Chat”.

I hope that the information given about whatsapp Aero has proved useful for you. If you need to install this application in your phone

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