Akwa Ibom Govt Allocate Land To Judges

The Akwa Ibom State government has allocated land to judges in the state, this was made known by a press release conducted by the Akwa Ibom Ministry of Information.

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Akwa Ibom Govt Allocate Land To Judges
Gov Udom Emmanuel



Akwa Ibom State Government has allocated plots of land to judges in the State.

This was disclosed by the Commissioner for Information, Sir Charles Udoh, in an interaction with newsmen in his office.

The Commissioner said the land allocation to judges, underscored the cordial working relationship between the Executive and the Judiciary in Akwa Ibom State.

He further explained that “Governor Emmanuel is a leader who understands the importance of land ownership, and therefore approved the allocation to set the judges on the path of developing shelters of their own.”

Sir Udoh added that, “As it is characteristics of the Governor to provide convivial working environments for public servants in the State, he would stop at nothing to motivate and better the lots of workers, as much as available resources would permit him.”

There has been a robust relationship between the three arms of Government in Akwa Ibom State which have always had a harmonious working relationship.

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Ministry of Information


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