A Lebanese Shows Concern Over Ordinary Nigerians, Says Nigerian Politicians Are Wicked And Do Not Have Conscience

By Wisdom Peter,

A Lebanese who claims to have lived in Nigeria for 30 years, and presently living in Imo state and married to a woman from Bayelsa state with two children, in a video expressed his concerns on the ordinary Nigerian citizens saying that Nigerian politicians are wicked and lack conscience.

A Lebanese Shows Concern Over Ordinary Nigerians, Says Nigerian Politicians Are Wicked And Do Not Have Conscience
File Photo Of Abuja, Nigeria

Bilal Nassel,  famously known as Mr. B during an interview with Chidiebube Okeoma according to The Punch.ng claimed that he first arrived in Lagos and has lived and worked  in all parts and regions of the country.

During the interview sessions with Okeoma, he was asked questions such as,  what he does in Nigeria, what has been his experiences since living in Nigeria, how many states he has lived in, where he married, his viral video footage complaining about the state of things in Bayelsa state and why he did that, if what he has seen in Bayelsa state is different from other states, why he is so concerned about Nigeria and the politics, and if he has interest in going into politics later, etc?

Nassel spoke saying, his father and mother are from Lebanese and Turkish respectively, that he works as  an hotelier and hotelier consultant in Nigeria and does comedy also. Living in Nigeria, he has good, bad and ugly experiences, that as at the time he came to Nigeria, a dollar was equivalent to 12 Naira, but now it’s 360.

He compared Nigeria to small Rwanda, saying “small Rwanda has overtaken the almighty Nigeria”.  Also spoke on the bad roads and poor electricity supply even while Nigeria is number seven in OPEC.

“The truth is that our politicians see honour in stealing . Our politicians do not have faith in our doctors and medical institutions. They fly abroad for medical treatments for common headache and cold. ”

When asked about how many states he has lived in Nigeria, Nassel said, according to The Punch.ng, “When I arrived Nigeria, I first lived Lagos , from there I moved to Abuja, Bayelsa , Rivers , Abia and other states . Presently , I am living in Owerri , Imo state . I have travelled wide and that has given me the deeper understanding of what is happening in this country. I feel for the ordinary man in this country. Things are hard and it gives me concern.”

He said he was pained by the state of things in Bayelsa state, a state God has blessed with so much natural resources, yet its citizens are suffering. He accused Nigerian politicians of being wicked, that they do not have conscience and are not leading the kind of Christ’s life.

” The roads in Goodluck Jonathan ’ s village are impassable. What kind of politicians do we have in this country? They do not care about the welfare of the people . Bayelsa is one of the biggest producers of crude oil in Nigeria yet , the level of infrastructural decay in the state is alarming. ”

Nassel said what is happening in Bayelsa state is the same all over Nigerian states, including his present residence, Imo state,  and Lagos which he claims is the population of Ghana, yet Nigerians travel to Ghana for good living. He is concerned about the ordinary people in Nigeria who are suffering while the politicians are smiling.

In other countries, he said, government provides everything for her citizens, but in Nigeria, citizens provide everything they need for themselves. Even with this, he has promised not to depart the country as he so much love the country and the people in it.

He claims he doesn’t have any interest in politics, but hopes that his eight-year-old son will grow to become a politician, and that he will give him  the necessary support and would encourage him to live a life of Jesus Christ and leave a legacy in public governance.

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