A Eulogy To A Great & Brave Friend, Kennedy Ovabore AKA Hungerbad

A Eulogy To A Great Faceless & Brave Friend – By Eyo Nse

My online friend, Hungerbad with birth name, Kennedy Ovabore has left this life after a brief illness

While he was alive, Kennedy popularly known as Hungerbad had many critics from all chronic of life due to his opinion on topical issues on religion and politics, among others.

During this time he never for once threaten anyone, even sometimes when it nearly boil into a fight, but that was not possible since the argument usually occur online.

He usually comment on my news stories, or sometimes technology articles, where his compliment do come in, and atimes negative reactions from him.

There is once he gave out N10,000 to 30 hungry Nigerians, also paid house rent for poor Nigerians, bought food, paid school fees too to those who were unable to, etc.

But, when the news of his sudden departure spread online (Nairaland Forum precisely where all this happened), we discovered he was a ‘UNITED STATES ARMY OFFICER’ without whispering to anyone online.

We’ll missed this great Philanthropist, peacemaker, a humble friend and most painful, a gallant soldier in a country where soldiers are respected.

Although, we never met in person but you proved to many that positive minds still exist.


Some moral I learnt from his short life:

1. We should be careful of how we address people online, you may end up insulting your destiny helper someday.

2. Don’t use your power on the weak.

A Eulogy To A Great & Brave Friend, Kennedy Ovabore AKA Hungerbad

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