9 Ways To Save Money As A Young Person

There are many ways to save money, here are top 6 (six) ways to save money as a young person, as written by Chinenye Ugonna.

9 Ways To Save Money As A Young Person
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For all those who live in Abuja, we all know how high the cost of living is. Those who moved after NYSC or probably got jobs and had to move to start life afresh can relate to this. No mummy and daddy, no pocket money. Now the hustle is real! You are on your own.

The truth is, there are still ways you can survive and hustle your way out in Abuja. This would give you a few tips on how to save money and survive as a young person here in Abuja.

1. DON’T DATE A FABB: If you read my previous article, How to spot a Fake Abuja Big Girl, you should understand what this means. We all know that the FABBs are expensive to maintain. So if you are a guy just coming into Abuja, to make a proper decent living, run away from FABBs. They would finish your money before you say Jack Robinson.

2. AVOID DEBTS: Please, this is a major way of finishing your money before the salary even hits your bank account. Most times you realise that your money is spent before getting to you. This is the problem. Especially ladies, you see these shoes you cannot let go. To even make it better, Aunty Ngozi says, don’t worry, you can pay anytime. Run!

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3. DO IT YOURSELF: This is another way to cut cost. Some of us probably take our clothes to really expensive drycleaners, get people to clean our houses, tailors to just sew on a button. The point here is, if you try to do some things yourself once in a while, you would be amazed at how much money you would be able to save.

4. PRE-TURN UP OR DON’T TURN UP AT ALL: This is for all those who feel that they must turn up every Friday. After the stress from Monday to Friday, you see people shouting TGIF (Thank God its Friday), turn up! . Instead of buying five bottles at the club, sometimes, save your money and turn up from home with you, your bed and pillow. If you really need to go out, buy a few bottles and chill with your friends in your house or vice versa, get tipsy and excited and head out. That way, you do not have to buy as many bottles in the club. Well, only if you want to do ‘I better pass my neighbour’ and finish your monthly salary in the club.

5. ENTER ALONG, BUS OR KEKE: For those of you who do not know what ‘along’ means, they are the cabs you enter with three or four other people and get dropped off at your bus stop. Some people do not have the luxury of taking cabs every day. Even if you feel like it would spoil your shine if you are caught in a keke or a bus, sometimes its necessary. Cut down on your transportation expenses. Whether you enter along, cab, bus or even private car, you will still get to your destination.

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6. CHEAPER FEEDING: Those who work, they can relate to this. There are two ways to it. Firstly, the best way is to bring your lunch from home. Secondly, if you cannot cook or bring food every day, take the cheaper option of buying food from clean cheaper restaurants where you can buy food for a minimum of N300. If you like, do KFC every day and be drinking garri for dinner because you want your colleagues to see you as a big boy or big girl.

7. GET A FLATMATE/FLATMATES: We all know getting a flat in town is always too pricey for our salary, especially for most young graduates. We also know that to get a cheap nice flat that meets your taste, you have to go to the suburbs which are not in town. This could be a little tedious, especially with most people working in town. The best option is to get a flatmate so you can share rent.

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8. SHOPPING: You do not always have to shop at expensive boutiques because your friends who are earning higher than you are doing the same. We all know most of these Nigerian boutique owners travel out of the country to buy things and then come back to triple the prices. All fingers are not equal. There are cheaper ways to do this like markets and online shopping sites that do not charge for shipping to Nigeria like Asos. You can still look good with the few ones you have.

9. CALCULATE YOUR EXPENSES: Now after all the turning up, the keke you entered from work, the clothes you have bought from Mama Chinedu, etc. Calculate all the money you have spent which would be a guide to your expenses next month.

Do not be moved by what people would think of you. God will do it for us one day when you would have enough money to be buy your Rolls Royce. Cut your coat according to your cloth!

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