9 Countries Where Prostitution Is Legalized

It might sound like a joke, but prostitution has help many to become rich, famous, create connections, among others.

9 Countries Where Prostitution Is Legalized
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Prostitution is the practice, business, or occupation of engaging in s£xual activity with someone in exchange for money.

While some nations frown against it, some are totally fine with it. If you did not know, some countries have actually regulated prostitution, even going as far as giving pleasure workers health and social benefits. The nations are not agreeing that it is right to sell your body, the leaders simply believe everyone has a right to do whatever they like with their lives.

9 Countries Where Prostitution Is Legalized

Become is the complete 9 (nine) countries that supports this act;

1. Austria: Harlotry is totally legal here, but all prostitutes have to register, undergo periodic health examinations, pay taxes and must be 19 years and above.

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2. Finland: Prostitution might be very legal in this country, but selling and buying intercourse in public or buying or pimping a trafficked victim is totally illegal. Street work is not allowed but the Internet aids the business. Recent stats prove that there is an increasing number of foreign pleasure workers working in Finland via ads and massage parlours.

3. Costa Rica: It is a very rampant profession in this country. Pimping, prostitution rings, child prostitution, and human trafficking, however, are not legal. Sadly, Costa Rica is a common destination for ladies and kids who are being trafficked for s£xual exploitation.

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4. New Zealand: Prostitution was legalized 17 years ago and it is even home to licensed brothels operating under public health and employment laws, meaning pleasure workers receive social benefits like regular employees.

9 Countries Where Prostitution Is Legalized

5. Bangladesh: Every kind of prostitution is legal here, except male prostitution.

6. Denmark: It was legalized in 1999 because the government wanted to keep watch over the industry. The authorities felt like it would be better to police a legal trade than an illegal one.

7. Canada: This country has zero laws against the exchange of intercourse for cash, but the government does not allow pimping or owning a brothel. Simply put, it is very legal to be a pleasure worker, but illegal to buy s£xual services.

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8. Germany: There are about 400,000 prostitutes working in this country and their industry generates around 6 billion Euros annually with about 1.2 million customers in total. However, despite the national laws, every state has the right to ban prostitution in its area.

9. Greece: In Greece as long as you’re over the age of 21, registered and a medical card carrier whose card is updated every two weeks, you can do pretty much anything that doesn’t involve s£x trafficking.