5 Categories Of People That Might Get Disqualified From N-Power

N-Power is set to open its portal on Friday, June 26 to absorb fresh 400,000 applicants across the country.

According to N-Power the portal will be come with a new look from June 26 at 12PM.

5 Categories Of People That Might Get Disqualified From N-Power

Federal Ministry of Humanitarian, disaster management and social development announced that N-power Batch C Registration will commence on Friday, June 26th. Since 2016, Nigerian Government has upskilled over 500,000 beneficiaries through N-Power. Now another 400,000 will be skilled for 2 years.

Before you can be an N-Power Beneficiaries, you need to pass through these 3 stages:

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Stage 1: the online Registration which will start tomorrow.

Stage 2: Online test that will be conducted for people that pass stage 1.

Stage 3: physical verification for people that pass stage 2.

After the 3 stages, the final list will be pasted on your local government board to see if you are Npower Beneficiary or not.

Before you apply for the N-power application, make sure:

1. Get your BVN ready.

2. Ensure you are are not an existing employee in any organization.

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3. You are currently unemployed

4. You are between the age of 18 – 35.

Let me give you 5 Categories of people that might be disqualified after stage 1 (Online Registration):

1. All people that, their Registration names are different their BVN names will be automatically disqualify.

2. All people that fill wrong Account number or wrong Account name will be Disqualified from stage one.

3. All people that fill wrong BVN number will be Disqualified from stage one.

4. All people that fill wrong date of birth that is not corresponding with the one on their certificate and BVN will be Disqualified.

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5. All Serving Corper will be Disqualified. If you are a serving corper and you want to register, kindly Choose “Finished Service” don’t choose “Still in service.”

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