2020: New Zealand Celebrates New Year (Photos)

As people around awaits 2020, others like New Zealand has already experience it.

As people in the UK tuck into their breakfast, the clock has already struck midnight on the other side of the world.

New Zealand Celebrates New Year
New Zealand is the second place to enter 2020 after Samoa (Picture: David Rowland)

As reported by metro.co.uk, New Zealand has officially entered 2020, becoming the second place in the world to enter the new decade.

New Year’s Eve parties have been in full swing across the South Pacific, where Samoa welcomed in the new year at 10am GMT

In New Zealand, which is 13 hours ahead, celebrations are underway across the county with fireworks and street parades taking place in major cities.

Pictures show partygoers gathered in Auckland as they await the final count down.

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It comes after a tough year for the country which faced a number of tragedies in 2019.

New Zealand Celebrates New Year
Hundreds of people are celebrating on the streets of Auckland (Picture: David Rowland)

In March a terror attack at two mosques in Christchurch left 51 people dead.

Earlier this month a volcano erupted on White Island, which killed 19 people.

The clock strikes midnight there at 11am UK time.

New Zealand Celebrates New Year
Celebrations were in full swing as the count down to midnight began (Picture: David Rowland)
New Zealand Celebrates New Year
Dellasey and Divene, age 5 out to watch the fireworks during Auckland New Year’s Eve celebrations (Picture: David Rowland)
New Zealand Celebrates New Year
The country has faced a tough year but that hasn’t stopped people celebrating (Picture: David Rowland)

Then at 1pm here, the clock will strike midnight across most of Australia, including Sydney, where its spectacular harbour fireworks display is going ahead despite the deadly bushfire crisis.

Pressure has been building on Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison to cancel the display but he has vowed to go ahead to show the world the country’s resilience.

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Wildfires in the past several weeks have killed 12 people and razed more than 1,000 homes, with New South Wales, Australia’s most populous state, bearing the brunt.

But while the City of Sydney Council has approved tonight’s fireworks, fire authorities warned they could be cancelled if catastrophic wildfire conditions were declared.

As the clock strikes 12 in London tonight, 12,000 fireworks – including 2,000 from the London Eye on the River Thames – will be set off to see in the New Year. Big Ben’s chimes will also be heard for the first time in a year amid renovation work to the clock tower.

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Outlying American islands in the South Pacific, which are just east of the International Date Line, will be the last to welcome 2020 at midday on Wednesday UK time – more than 24 hours after Samoa.

New Zealand Celebrates New Year
Australia will welcome in the New Year next, with fire displays underway despite deadly bushfires across the country (Picture: AAP)
New Zealand Celebrates New Year
Australia’s Prime Minister wanted to go ahead with fireworks to show the country’s resilience (Picture: AAP)
New Zealand Celebrates New Year
Sydney Harbour is lit up as the country counts down to midnight (Picture: AAP)
New Zealand Celebrates New Year
A smoking ceremony welcoming visitors to Gadigal land is performed on vessel Tribal Warrior in Sydney Harbour during New Year’s Eve celebrations (Picture: AAP)

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