2 Killed As Terrorists Attack Abuja-Kaduna Bound Train (Photos)

2 Killed As Terrorists Attack Abuja-Kaduna Bound Train

Two persons has been killed as terrorists attacked Abuja-Kaduna bound train, Sunnewsonline report.

Two persons a cleaners and a workers of the attacked Abuja-Kaduna train have been confirmed dead , following the attack on the train late Monday night.

The two persons identified as Loretta and Abdul are confirmed to be the only casualty for now, in the fierce late night attack on the train that was bearing about 970 passengers.

Unofficial sources said also that some security personnel and passengers have been killed by the rampaging terrorists but their names have yet to be released.

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Several other passengers were also injured, while other were abducted, witnesses told journalists late Monday night.
“Meanwhile, the two corpses have been deposited at St. Gerald’s Catholic Hospital in Kaduna while some persons are being treated for gunshot injuries,” another witness told sunnewsonline.com.

It was earlier reported that the terrorists had attacked the Nigerian Railway Corporation train from Abuja to Kaduna on Monday night had abducted some of the stranded passengers.

“The army hasn’t been able to secure the area but people are running towards them in a staging area,” another source added.

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In a Facebook post, another passenger, Anas Danmusa, said, “Please this is an emergency. We are inside the train at the moment. Kidnappers planted explosives and the train engines have been ruined. We are helpless. Abuja to Kaduna train; gunshots still being fired around us. We are just under the seats praying to God while waiting for help. Since 8pm we have been here/ between Katari to Rijana; I am a living witness.

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“There is bad network where we are at the moment. It is just luck that I am able to type this. They are actually trying to force themselves inside the train…no help yet. Over 1 hour”
He later added, “We are safe now.”

2 Killed As Terrorists Attack Abuja-Kaduna Bound Train

2 Killed As Terrorists Attack Abuja-Kaduna Bound Train

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