13 Funny Jokes That Will Make You Laugh And Roll On The Floor

Do you like jokes, if yes, below are 13 funny jokes that will make you laugh till you forget your sorrows..

13 Funny Jokes That Will Make You Laugh And Roll On The Floor

Below are the jokes;

1. I was Shocked when I heard A fat girl singing I believe I Can Fly ” My sister, have you Ever seen an Elephant Flying Before?

2. Women will always tell you that men can cheat and tell lies, but they seem to forgetting that “What a man can do, a woman can do better”… Guys are you with me??

3. My friend forgot his apple laptop on the floor in my room. My grandma thought it was a scale.
CONCLUSION: My grandma now weighs 250,500naira

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4. She told me she was coming to my place by 9pm, But she came by 7pm & caught me with another woman… How can I forgive her for lying to me??

5. Last night I had a dream and I was kissing my neighbour’s daughter but this morning she saw me and pretended like nothing happened Girls can pretend ooh

6. Some people will come to the ATM, see others on queue and still ask
“is it paying”?
No, we came to vote for Buhari Again.. Please shift joor!

7. I don’t no why people who Sits in front of a commercial Bus always Feel as if they Have made it in life

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8. I will be naming my daughter *’Pregnant”* so when a guy meets her:
Guy: Hi, am *lucky*
Her: Hi, am *Pregnant.*
*case Closed*

9. When you are not fasting you can stay till afternoon without feeling hungry.
But when you are fasting, even Tv remote will be looking like gala in your eyes… Is that not witchcraft??

10. My girlfriend just caught my side chick n I in bed, she went straight to the kitchen to boil hot water .. Think she’s getting us some tea

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11. De most patience customers in de world are those buying Condom. Dey will like, serve him first i will wait

12. I never knew the power of weed until I saw a 90years old man telling me he wants to be a lawyer when he grows….

13. Stop taking pictures beside people’s car, your village people will kill you for nothing.*