11 Reasons Why Many People Don’t Celebrate Christmas

By Eyo Nse,

Christmas is a celebration done by Christians across the world in commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ, the only son of God. Many have rejected the celebration and has describe it as unscriptural and should never be encouraged, while many also in the same mode can’t stay off it.

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11 Reasons Why Many People Don't Celebrate Christmas

Here is eleven reasons why people around the world don’t celebrate Christmas as powered by Brainnews Radio;

1. Jesus Christ was NOT born on December 25th

2. Jesus did NOT celebrate his Birth

3. Jesus did NOT command us to celebrate His birth

4. Christmas is of pagan origin

5. Christmas is NOT in the Bible.

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6. Christmas is an addition to God’s word

7. Christmas has made its partakers of falsehood (that Christ was born on December 25th)

8. There is division as regards the date of Christmas celebration (some observe Dec. 25th, January 6th, etc.)

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9. Many evils are associated with Christmas

10. Many of the activities connected with Christmas are idolatry

11. None of the inspired apostles ever celebrated Christmas.

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