10 Romantic Jokes That Will Make You Hard Or Wet

Here is the list of top 10 romantic jokes you need to read.. But, it might make you wet or very hard.

10 Romantic Jokes That Will Make You Hard Or Wet

1. Sleeping next to YOUR new bae or boo for the first time is tough. You have to breathe in English, not too loud, not too deep and not too fast.*

If you experience, you know.

2. Suck his lips while rubbing his manhood, make him feel extra ordinary good, rub it till it stands strong then go to your bag and bring out a bible, then open to the part that says sex before marriage is a sin.

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Watch out for part two*

3**Ladies who have sex without making noise don’t ask questions in class.*

If I hear peem, I will call names, they are many here.

4**No matter how great the sex is, GUYS will never smile while Cumming, They will only vibrate like NOKIA 3310*

5**You can’t post your boyfriend bcos other boys will stop giving you money market strategy*

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*keep it up Ladies*

6**Forget what I post on *THIS GROUP,* if u see me in real life u will be like “Wow, na dis quiet boy dey post those things”

7**Nigeria Barbers wil use powder To deceive u making u Look like Chris brown
But once u get home & bath BOOM!


8**After the preaching, The pastor asked Any virgin from the choir to lead us in closing prayer,
Till now we’re still in church

9**Having sex without romance is like entering a family house & not greeting people around there…… Its rude *

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10** THE first time you did it,,,, did you cry????..

ME…. I cried OOOO because it was very painful.. I mean the first time you peeled onion.